A large woodcut image is used on the "woven" pages of this book. It shows a scene, populated with kids and animal shapes, and – by pulling the book flat – they surprisingly disappear leaving only the empty landscape. Letterpress printed words in multiple languages sprout like tree trunks or shrubs around the children's characters.
This book has a surprising structure because it shows a scene populated with kids and animal shapes, and – in a snap – they disappear leaving only the barren landscape. A large woodcut image is used on the "woven" pages of this book. 

It is both an accordion and an album-type book structure. The woodcut was printed in 9 colors on Japanese washi, cut into pieces, and mounted on the woven rag paper strips that constitute the book's physical pages. Edition of 14, signed and numbered.
Closed measurements are 14 x 6.625 x 0.625 inches, (36 x 17 x 1.6 cm); opens to 14 x 52.75 inches (36 x 134 cm). 

My artist books, broadsides, and loose-leaf editions are published in very small numbers, as low as five. All are hand-printed and hand-bound (in the case of books) by me, all are signed and numbered. While I am trying to be perfect, I am human, not a machine. Some variations in the editioned work are to be expected due to the processes, materials, and the artist’s change of mind. It is exactly what makes the work collectible: each piece is an original work of art. The pieces employ printmaking like original etchings, woodcuts, carborundum, screen prints, monotype, monoprint, and letterpress. Nothing is produced using digital reproduction methods.


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