The destruction of large areas of the natural environment as a consequence of human activity.

Our brain – as marvelous and capricious a thing as it is – is fairly good at constantly focusing its attention like a light beam at singular spots, maybe helpful at a handful of problems. It is not good, however, at making out the whole picture, the scope of life, the interconnectedness, understanding the ecology, interdependency, and consequences of it all. We are running around with a tiny flashlight when we need illumination and enlightenment.
While our technology seems sophisticated to us, it still serves foremost our Neanderthalian goals. Our technical capabilities far outweigh our intelligence, our undeveloped intellect, and our understanding of life in general and us in particular. We are on a suicide mission, with countless collateral casualties of other species. And, measured at the natural pace of life on Earth, we had the briefest of cameo appearances on this planet and still insist on speeding to the exit.

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