This is the loose leaf-edition of Typofauna II in which letter shapes from wood type are arranged to form various creatures, hence a combination of fauna and typography. Most of the type shapes are from the Script font. Here the cast of characters is a pelican, owl, hen and lark, and a bird with a curious bill, all accompanied by befitting limericks.
This work is printed letterpress on hand-made chine collé Chinese Shuen paper, mounted to 100% rag. Four shades of ink were used. The sheets for the pelican and the bird with the curved bill measure 14.75 inches tall x 11 inches wide (37.5 x 30 cm); the owl, hen, and larks measure 14.75 x 22.25 inches wide (37.5 x 56.5 cm). Signed and numbered; edition size is 12.
My artist books, broadsides, and loose-leaf editions are published in very small numbers, as low as five. All are hand-printed and hand-bound (in the case of books) by me, all are signed and numbered. While I am trying to be perfect, I am human, not a machine. Some variations in the editioned work are to be expected due to the processes, materials, and the artist’s change of mind. It is exactly what makes the work collectible: each piece is an original work of art. The pieces employ printmaking like original etchings, woodcuts, carborundum, screen prints, monotype, monoprint, and letterpress. Nothing is produced using digital reproduction methods.

$450 for the smaller prints,
$500 for the larger piece.

Please inquire about a set pricing.

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